Friday, June 24, 2011

beautiful day

The morning sun
Surrounds usWith its cosmic

The Soulful
Morning smileIs a treasure
Of the mind And heart alike. 

In the morning
The greatness of The mind and
The goodness ofThe heart are 

In the morning
Our hearts dawnWith sweetness-

Each morning
Is the birthOf a new

In the morning
Heaven descendsIn all its glory
To becomeThe rising sun. 

The morning light
Feeds our heartsAnd guides our lives. 

In morning’s
Silence-delight,The Supreme
Himself visits myHeart-abode.

At the morning dawn, 
I hear the gentle whisperOf my blessingful
inner guide.

Kamar Tulisku, Coretan Diriku, Rentetan Hidupku

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